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EASY LIVING EXPERIENCE(tm): Light,Easy,Beautiful(tm)....our post Live365.com Easy Living Music Show(tm) celebration continues with a place to be now that Live365.com is no longer with us. Our personal hobby is to celebrate and honor the legacy of the pioneering spirit that allowed beauty to become a mainstay in music radio history. It is a place to celebrate fine fellowship for family and friends and a dedication to the preservation of melody. Thank you.

We're here ! Although we never expected Live365.com to not be here. Family and friends we hope that you know that we are thankful to know that you are here ! As always, The "Melody Preservation Society,"  is our dedication to the celebration of melody for family and friends. We hope it will forever be a place to honor the legacy of the great pioneers in the world of beautiful and easy melody.So, for now,we say hello again,post Live365.com 

Imagine a media collection (records,tapes,CDs and MP3s) separated into different piles according to content on your table. These,different piles so to speak are the modern day format variations expressed in the form of different formatic headings. Of course,this collection, now separated into different piles is the basis for creating the fabulous format variation stations we love including  Beautiful Music Radio and Easy Listening Stereo ! WELCOME TO: "The Melody Preservation Society," Our dedication to the preservation of beautiful and easy melody and those that have worked so hard to make it come alive. The joy that we share goes towards the mission of making apart of the lives of today's generation and the future generations to come ! Family & Friends, we are very thankfu,honored and blessed to be able to celebrate time together even when we are far apart. 
Just like "back in the day," our hobby of gathering together melodies and listening together is something very special to us !

Beautiful Music Radio ,Easy Listening Stereo ,True Love Radio ,
Beautiful Music Stereo ,Easy Living Radio
Beautiful Music Memories ,Sweet Memories Radio
& Opera Elegance !

Live365.com was more than a website. It was a place that fostered a creative ability to enjoy sound communication in a legal and respectful way. Our hobbyist celebration of melody takes place in order to ensure that the legacy of the great artists and legendary radio pioneer creations are never allowed to be forgotten. When we listen to beautiful and easy music,it brings such priceless comfort to us.

We never expected Live365.com to become part of history so quickly.We hope to begin by putting back,one at a time, Easy Listening Stereo,Beautiful Music Radio & Beautiful Music Stereo ! These are the first three format variations we would like to continue with very shortly,one at a time.WE HOPE & PRAY that Radionomy will be a solution for us and the sounds that suit your taste should resume shortly.Family & Friends,thank you so very much for your consideration.Please stay tuned.




Family and Friends:We are thankful,honored & very blessed to enjoy, Beautiful Music Radio ,Beautiful Music Stereo ,Beautiful Music Memories ,Easy Living Radio ,Easy Listening Stereo, Sweet Memories Radio ,True Love Radio & Opera Elegance .   We love  all of the different "easy living experience" hobbyist celebrations. Because of Live365.com is no longer able to offer a way for us to gather together,we are looking at other possibilities. We would like to resume these joyful format flavors first:  Beautiful Music Radio ,Beautiful Music Stereo ™, Easy Listening Stereo .. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Family & Friends,our email is: easylivingradioATaol.com  (Please replace the word AT with the @ sign.) REMEMGER THE FORMAT VARIATIONS ARE HERE AS THEY ALWAYS HAVE BEEN ALL ALONG...IT'S ONLY THE SOUNDS THAT WILL RESUME IN A NEW WAY !

Beautiful Music Radio,Easy Listening Stereo,Beautiful Music Stereo,Sweet Memories Radio,Beautiful Music Memories,Easy Living Radio,True Love Radio & Opera Elegance are all part of the Easy Living Experience personal hobbyinst tribute to greatness !

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